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❝ Two steps towards make believe ❞

Known as Elle, Lynde and L.R. I am 17 years old. In college taking up management. Writer and fangirl. Holds the pen/pencil/brush rather differently from others. Right-handed. Trips on flat surfaces, pushes doors that say pull, and laughs at lame jokes. Scratch that. Laughs like a maniac for no definite reason. Does bad in math, combing her hair, splits, talking sensibly for five whole minutes, singing and/or dancing. But actually very better at lip-synching.

Loves chocolate chip cookies. And most especially marshmallows. And squishy things! Two ears are individually different in appearance, one having more folds than the other. The dork, obviously. Believes in equality, love and world peace. Go green, save and donate. Yeah, those other advertisements about changing the world things.

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i got married to Luhan.

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